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Streaming to TV with Google Chrome Cast HDMI dongle

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ChromeCast Media Player - Streaming to TV with Google Chrome Cast HDMI dongle

Roku Streaming Stick Launched In The US

One of the biggest Chromecast rivals, Roku streaming stick, is officially available un the U.S.

Roku vs Chromecast

Roku stick is only about $15 dollars more than Google Chromecast dongle, but the company’s newest HDMI model – Roku 3500R – has a couple features which the Chromecast player doesn’t have. The Roku’s HDMI stick comes with a remote control that allows you to control streaming and adjust the selections right on the TV screen rather than having to look down on your tablet or phone to do it. The remote control also features built-in RF technology, so you don’t even have to point the remote directly at the TV set. But maybe the most important is that Roku has already built up the media store that counts about 1,200 TV apps.

Channels available with Roku

Among the popular TV channels available with Roku are Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Showtime Anytime, MLB.TV and VUDU. With the Roku apps, you can also cast your own videos along with YouTube, Netflix  and other video content direct from your tablet, smartphone or computer to any TV set with a HDMI port.

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The Roku stick plugs into the HDMI port of the TV set and provides up to 1080p Full HD video quality. The player also supports dual-band wireless N which means you don’t have to run Ethernet cable for the internet connection.

Roku stick – A content-rich, portable and easy to use media player at a great price

Actually, the Roku streaming media player is more a new way to enjoy all the advantages that the company’s previous models offer in a more portable design and intuitive interface. Thus, if you are thinking about buying a compact media streaming device or you are already tired of all those set-top boxes attached to your TV set, at only $49.90 on the Roku stick is that right way to go.

Google’s Chromecast Photo App Lets You Cast Photos To A Connected TV

The new in-home Photowall app from Google turns your Chromecast-connected TV set into an interactive photo frame

Yesterday, March 25th, Google has launched Photowall, a new in-home photo app for Android and iOS platformsto be especially used with Google Chromecast HDMI TV dongle. The app allows you to easily beam photos from your phone or tablet via Chromecast to a TV set and also lets you then collaborate with other users in making notes on images and doodling them  right on the TV screen. The Photowall app can also generate a video montage from your interactive photo wall to automatically share it with friends on YouTube.

Photowall app screenshot

Enjoy Chromecasting with Plex free support

Most recently, Google Chrome Cast media player has got support for Plex as the media manager has been positioning itself to own the Chromecast media content management experience. Plex also made the entry for Chromecast support free of charge as it enabled new photo upload features for its Plex Pass customers.

Google Chromecast Comes To The UK

It’s official – Google Chromecast dongle finally goes on sale in UK

Stream online video and music to any TV using your phone, tablet, or laptop with Google Chromecast media player which is now officially available in the UK through online store.

Today, March 19th, Google takes one more step into UK’s living rooms with the official introduction of its £30 Chromecast TV player, which lets the user to stream online video and audio content including shows from Netflix, YouTube, BBC’s iPlayer, Hulu and more. At a cost of £30, Chromecast HDMI dongle is set to rival Apple’s £99 TV.

For £30 Google’s TV player will turn any non-smart TV set into a smart one with the potential to use thousands of video and audio streaming apps.

Buying Chromecast from with Free Delivery

The TV dongle is now available on Amazon UK  for £30 with free shipping. You can also purchase it at Google Play store,  Curry’s and PC World online store, but you’ll have to pay shipping fees.

Are you not eligible to buy your Google dongle from Amazon UK? Don’t worry, find out where you can purchase it in (or from) your country.

Google Chromecast Is Coming to “Many More Countries” In A Few Weeks

Chromecast TV player to hit more countries very soon

Google announced some good news for those of us outside the United States: its Chromecast HDMI player is coming to “many more countries” in a few weeks. This announcement came from the company’s SVP of Android, Apps and Chrome OS – Sundar Pichai.

Last month rumors emerged about Chromecast’s official arriving in the UK, Canada and Australia. Google first released the HDMI streaming dongle in July 2013 and opened up the device’s SDK to third-party developers in February 2014.

At US$35 the Chromecast HDMI media streaming player is a great deal itself. Some new features that came over the past few months, the SDK and its international expanding let us expect yet more improvements of Google’s media streaming platform.

Where to buy Google Chromecast

Screen Casting Is Coming To Google Chromecast

Thanks to screen mirroring Chromecast apps you now can play Android games on your TV

Good news for owners of Android-powered mobile devices owners who also got a Chromecast HDMI dongle. AllCast, a screen casting app that streams content from any Android device, just added the screen mirroring feature that let you use Chrome Cast player to stream content shown on your mobile gadget’s screen to any TV set.

AllCast is one of the first mobile apps ever to take advantage of the recently opened up to developers Google Chromecast SDK. The developer of the media casting app Allcast, Koushik Dutta, posted a video on last Sunday which demonstrates him mirroring his phone’s screen on a TV with a notably small delay (the new feature is still in Beta, though).

Anyway, Allcast’s initiative proves that Chromecast SDK is really of interest even for indie app developers, and there is no doubt that more new apps will coming soon. That also will mean more reasons to buy a Chromecast, which is headed officially to Europe very soon.