ChromeCast Media Player

Streaming to TV with Google Chrome Cast HDMI dongle

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ChromeCast Media Player - Streaming to TV with Google Chrome Cast HDMI dongle

Get $20 Google Play Store credit with a new Chromecast

Buy a Chromecast between Dec 7 and Dec 21 and get $20 in Movies on Google Play

This holiday season Google wants its Chromecast HDMI device to be your one and only TV streaming stick. Google’s latest “limited time” offer for new Chromecast buyers is: Picks up a Chromecast from participating retailers (such as Amazon Store) and get a $20 credit for Google Play Movies.

That’s on top of the two further deals you get if you buy your Chromecast streaming stick: two free months of Hulu Plus plus three free months of Google Play Music All Access.

Chromecast setup how-to photo

Google Chromecast itself is already a good buy at $35, however now with a $20 Google Play deal and other freebies, it is hard to refuse the rapidly growing streaming platform even with all the new competition by Roku TV stick or Amazon Fire TV stick.

How the $20 credits deal works

According to Google, the $20 credit is offered for Google Play movies. However, it looks like you could use the credit towards pretty much anything else. The $20 credit simply needs to be added to the you account with Google Play by January 31, 2015. It will expire a year later on January 31, 2016.

Play Music All Access and Hulu deals that are available until December 31 are under similar conditions. Both deals are available with a new Chromecast purchase until December 31 2014.

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Amazon launches Chromecast rival Fire TV Stick

Be quick and get the new TV streaming device from Amazon for only $19

Today, Amazon unveiled its new HDMI TV streaming media player that will compete with similar devices like Google Chromecast dongle and Roku streaming sticks.

The Fire TV Stick is available to pre-order for $39. The orders will be shipped starting November 19th. New and existing members of Amazon Prime membership program can get the device for only $19, but only if they place an order in the next two days.

The Fire TV streaming player will have access to most of the apps available on Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box, that was launched around seven months ago. Available apps will include Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu,  ESPN, Twitch and Spotify.

Free 30-day trials of Amazon Prime and Netflix

According to Amazon’s Fire TV Stick product page the new device has double the memory of Chromecast and six times the processing power of Roku streaming stick. Other features include a dual-core processor, 8 GB of storage and instant streaming without buffering. The Fire TV Streaming Stick also comes with free 30-day trials of Amazon Prime and Netflix!

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Twitch, Disney and iHeartRadio apps added to Chromecast

Chromecast  player is significantly enlarging its user base with four new apps

Google Chromecast has expanded its list of supported apps today by adding Twitch, Disney and iHeartRadio apps. With newly added apps the Google TV streaming HDMI stick is tackling vastly different demographic categories. Three kid-friendly Disney Channel apps – Watch Disney, Watch Disney Junior and Watch Disney XD – can now be streamed to a HDMI-enabled TV set. The functionality of Chromecast Disney apps is provided for both Android and iOS platforms. Keep in mind though that you will need appropriate cable channel credentials to watch live or recent video content.

As of Twitch, those gamers who owns a Chromecast player are now able to watch live gameplay streams on a TV screen by casting Twitch content directly from a web browser on any Chrome, Android or iOS powered gadget.

Music lovers will definitely enjoy the new  iHeartRadio app for Cromecast media player. As of TV series fans, many of them will be happy to learn that the new DramaFever app for Chromecast will let them stream over 15,000 episodes of Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Spanish and Latin American shows to a big screen using a tiny HDMI dongle.

Why is my Chromecast not working on a PC?

Sometimes, when you try to connect your Chromecast to a PC running under Window OS a sign may appears telling that the WiFi connection is off, although it is working correctly.

So, how to use Chromecast on a Windows computer correctly

To send and cast streamed media from a Windows PC to your TV via a Chromecast dongle you must have the most recent version of the Google Chrome browser, one or more applications that support Chromecast, such as latest version of the BBC iPlayer, Netflix and so on.

If you want to cast any media content stored on your PC you need two Chrome browser add-ons called Chrome Cast and Videocast. They can be downloaded in Chrome by going to Controls > Tools > Extensions. Providing your setup meets all of these criteria, and the PC is connecting normally to the Internet then it should work. Try running the initial setup again, but first, perform a Full Data Reset (FDR), which puts Chromecast back to factory condition. To do that hold down the button on the dongle for at least 25 seconds while it is plugged in until the light starts flashing. It may also help to clear the router’s cache memory before you begin, so switch it off, and anything that connects to it. Then switch the router back on and wait for the lights to stop blinking before powering up the PC, then plug in the Chromecast.

If the problem persists there may be some configuration issues with the router Also the VPN service you may be using can stop it working and if all else fails there is a simple to follow troubleshooter on the Chromecast FAQ.

Roku Streaming Stick Launched In The US

One of the biggest Chromecast rivals, Roku streaming stick, is officially available un the U.S.

Roku vs Chromecast

Roku stick is only about $15 dollars more than Google Chromecast dongle, but the company’s newest HDMI model – Roku 3500R – has a couple features which the Chromecast player doesn’t have. The Roku’s HDMI stick comes with a remote control that allows you to control streaming and adjust the selections right on the TV screen rather than having to look down on your tablet or phone to do it. The remote control also features built-in RF technology, so you don’t even have to point the remote directly at the TV set. But maybe the most important is that Roku has already built up the media store that counts about 1,200 TV apps.

Channels available with Roku

Among the popular TV channels available with Roku are Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, Showtime Anytime, MLB.TV and VUDU. With the Roku apps, you can also cast your own videos along with YouTube, Netflix  and other video content direct from your tablet, smartphone or computer to any TV set with a HDMI port.

New Roku streaming HDMI player picture

The Roku stick plugs into the HDMI port of the TV set and provides up to 1080p Full HD video quality. The player also supports dual-band wireless N which means you don’t have to run Ethernet cable for the internet connection.

Roku stick – A content-rich, portable and easy to use media player at a great price

Actually, the Roku streaming media player is more a new way to enjoy all the advantages that the company’s previous models offer in a more portable design and intuitive interface. Thus, if you are thinking about buying a compact media streaming device or you are already tired of all those set-top boxes attached to your TV set, at only $49.90 on the Roku stick is that right way to go.