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Google Chromecast Giveaway

Chromecast streaming dongle turns two and Google gives away a free movie

Chromecast setup how-to photo

Open your Chromecast app and get a free movie rental

To celebrate two years of its increasingly popular streaming device Google is giving out a free movie rental. To claim the giveaway offer simply open your Chromecast app from your Chrome Cast, navigate to the settings page and click select the ‘Check for Offers’ option. It will ask you to authorize Google to check your device’s serial number for deals and offers. Your TV will now display how many offers are available for your dongle and you’ll be redirected to the Google Play store to claim your offer which can be used by the end of the year.  Claiming Chromecast giveaway of a free movie rental is also possible through Google Store. You have to enable the  Google Cast extension with your Chrome browser, though.

UPDATE: it seems that this free movie Google’s giveaway offer is limited to US customers.

Google Chromecast gets a wired adapter

According to a Google executive in an interview by Korea Times about 10 million Google Chromecast HDMI dongles were sold worldwide in 2014 alone. In-home and independent developers of Chromcast-oriented  applications  have created more than 20 thousand Google Cast-ready apps.

Chromecast Ethernet adapter

Google Chromecast is a cheap, affordable way to stream videos, photos, music and games from a mobile device to a TV set, but sometimes it may having issues with dropped WiFi connections. Now, we get a fix for it – Chromecast hardwired Ethernet adapter.

Picture of Chromecast adapter

A Chromecast dongle connects to a crowded 2.4 Ghz Wireless N network which means that your chances of finding a completely clear wireless channel are really limited. Also, the data noise could seriously impact the performance of of your HDMI streaming dongle. This can cause those annoying buffering circles or even a dropped connection.

The recent 5 Ghz WiFi standard could solve the problem as a 5 Ghz network is less populated than those old-school 2.4 Ghz ones. However, a Chrome Cast dongle can’t connect to them. The Ethernet connectivity though makes it possible for your dongle to always have a direct line to a router or modem. The hardwired Chromecast adapter runs both, power and data, to the device via a USB port.

Chrome Cast’s support of 5 Ghz networks

Maybe the next generation of Chromecasts will finally support 5 Ghz networks, but the newly launched, wired Ethernet adapter (which will cost you only $15) will solve your existing problems.  Sure, it will add some more wires behind your TV set and you will need to get an Ethernet cable, but it would be definitely worth in order to avoid dropped connection while streaming your favorite stuff to a big TV screen.

Where to buy a Chromecast adapter

Google just started selling the Chromecast wired adapter to the US customers only on Google store and it looks like the first supply is sold out. No news on when he gadget will be available again yet, and no chance to find it on Amazon or eBay so far. Stay tuned. Or get an affordable alternative – Mission Cables MC1 TVPower USB Power Cable for Chrome Cast.

Now Chromecast helps you play games on your TV

At the latest Google I/O conference, Google announced its new Cast application programming interfaces that enable mobile game developers to bring new experiences to the TV.

Google Cast – New way to play games on a TV

Google Cast technology allows you to activate an app on your mobile device or a computer and then see it play back on the big TV screen. Google’s streaming stick has now a new way to help you play games. The Chrome Cast device has seen rapid growth by enabling watching videos and photos from phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers on a TV set. Chromecast owners are now viewing about 60-70 percent more content per day via this streaming device than when it first launched about two years ago. Now  Google is making it even easier for game developers to let us use both, mobile gadgets and computers, to play games on a TV set  by streaming them to the big screens in the living room.

Latest improvements oft the Google Cast platform help game developers to get a way to your living room

These improvements are fulfilling a dream for game developers of enabling people to play games on TVs without the need in an expensive game console. The great thing for gamers is that there is no limit to the number of people who could use let’s say a smartphone to connect to the same game on a TV set. You could gather a crowd of people in your living room dancing to Ubisoft’s Just Dance Now game by waving their phones around. Not that is a threat to popular game consoles, but in fact it let us play games that we’re unable to play on a console.